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Wa funde man sament so manic liet?

Hanna Marti, voice
Karin Weston, voice
Mara Winter, medieval transverse flutes
Félix Verry, medieval fiddle


Released October 14, 2022
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Fred Schnyder Hiedl



Blood Treasure, Woven Fates:

Songs and Stories of Women in Medieval Nordic Legends

Hanna Marti - Mara Winter - Félix Verry

Recorded and mixed by Tobias Häusler at Fire Vessel Studio in Leipzig, DE

Mastered by Fred Schnyder Hiedl

Released August 2022

Kunsthall Produktionen


adonia cover.jpeg


Garden of Adonis: Italian Music from the early 16th century to lament a fallen God

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Fred Schnyder Hiedl in Basel, CH

Released February 2022


More information here.

rise follow cd 1.jpg

Mara Winter

Rise, follow



Edition of 200


1. Rise, follow (60:00)


A composition for two bass Renaissance flutes.

Performed by Mara Winter and Johanna Bartz.

Recorded by Clara de Asís in April 2020 in the 500-year old Kartäuserkirche in Basel, Switzerland.

Mixed by Clara de Asís.

Released October 14th 2020.

Discreet Editions

repetition of the same dream cover.jpg

Mara Winter & Clara de Asís

Repetition of the Same Dream (53:26)

Five works for flute, percussion & electronics,

recorded during Covid-19 lockdown in a church in Basel, Switzerland, March 2020. Commissioned by Another Timbre.


1 - Still water    12:05

2 - Wind that walks    12:11

3 - Repetition of the same dream    2:28

4 - Present omission   5:35

5 - A passage through   20:57


Released August 18, 2020

Another Timbre

spirit etching cover.jpg

Mara Winter

spirit etching

Released digitally May 1, 2020

purchase via bandcamp

'spirit etching' is a 30-minute work composed for medieval bass flute, church architecture, and spontaneous environmental sonorities.


Ensemble Peregrina

Wizlaw von Rügen: Complete songs

Released July 23, 2020


More information here.

Clara de Asís - Mara Winter - Léo Dupleix
Structure, pensée
A composition by Léo Dupleix

Released April 15, 2020

Albertine Editions

Clara de Asís - Mara Winter

Twelve feet tall

Released digitally March 20, 2020
purchase via bandcamp

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