Mara Winter

spirit etching

Released digitally May 1, 2020

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'spirit etching' is a 30-minute work composed for medieval bass flute, church architecture, and spontaneous environmental sonorities.


Ensemble Peregrina

Wizlaw von Rügen: Complete songs

Released July 23, 2020


More information here.

Clara de Asís - Mara Winter - Léo Dupleix
Structure, pensée
A composition by Léo Dupleix

Released April 15, 2020

Albertine Editions

Clara de Asís - Mara Winter

Twelve feet tall

Released digitally March 20, 2020
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Clara de Asís - Mara Winter

Repetition of the same dream (53:26)


1 - Still water    12:05

2 - Wind that walks    12:11

3 - Repetition of the same dream    2:28

4 - Present omission   5:35

5 - A passage through   20:57


To be released August 2020

Another Timbre

Mara Winter

Rise, follow



Edition of 200


1. Rise, follow (60:00)


A composition for two bass Renaissance flutes.

Performed by Mara Winter and Johanna Bartz.

Recorded by Clara de Asís in April 2020 in the 500-year old Kartäuserkirche in Basel, Switzerland.

Mixed by Clara de Asís.

To be released in October 2020.

Discreet Editions


Hanna Marti - Mara Winter - Félix Verry

Blood Treasure, Woven Fates:

Songs and Stories of Women in Medieval Nordic Legends

Recorded and mixed by Tobias Häusler at Fire Vessel Studio in Leipzig, DE

To be released Spring 2021

More information here.

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